Who are we

Solomos and Nashi Fruit Trees

Credits: Odyssey Professional Photo Studio

Responsible for the production of Nashi is Solomos and his team, who are specialists in land cultivation and food products.  Solomos was born in Kyperounda, a village in the valley of the Pitsilia area, at the base of the Troodos mountains.  The son of a farmer, he was tending to fruit trees since the age of 5.

Nashi is grown on the family’s own plantation, found primarily in Peteli mountain in the Troodos mountain range.  All fruit is hand-picked and stored if necessary under special conditions in the company’s cold-storage house.

In 1995, the first trees were imported from Australia, graftings were taken from the USA and seeds for the rootstock from Italy.  The first plantation originated from the grafting of the head of the family, Mr. Karashialis, Solomos’ father.

Nashi Fruit first plantation - Anastasia Karashialis


Nashi Fruit first plantation - Charalambos Karashialis