Our New Products!

Our new products are: Jams, Natural Puree for sauce, children/health foods, Spoon Sweets (Traditional Glyka tou Koutaliou), Compotes/Preserves.

Our jams labelled “Extra” are low in sugar content (below 25%). Our “Stevia” jams have no additional sugar added to them and only the natural sweetener from the plant Stevia is used. All our jams have a fruit content of at least 70% and do not contain any preservatives or colourants. All our products are made from fresh, seasonal fruit from Kyperounda village. The products available are:

  • Nashi extra
  • Nashi and Apple extra
  • Apple extra
  • Nashi and Orange extra
  • Nashi and Plum extra
  • Apple and Orange extra
  • Apple and Plum extra
  • Apple and Cherry extra
  • Green Apple and Strawberry extra
  • Peach extra
  • Nectarine extra
  • Plum extra
  • Apricot extra
  • Plum, Peach and Apricot extra
  • Apricot, Pear and Plum extra
  • Nectarine, Pear and Plum extra
  • Nashi Stevia
  • Apple Stevia
  • Nashi and Apple Stevia
  • Nashi and Orange Stevia
  • Apple and Orange Stevia
  • Green Apple Stevia
  • Nashi, Apple and Orange Stevia

Compotes/Preserves :

  • Nashi
  • Apple


  • Nashi
  • Nashi and Apple mix
  • Apple

Spoon Sweets :

  • Nashi
  • Cherry

You can now find them at our shop ‘Homegrown & Healthy by Nashico Kyperounta’ in Nicosia, Leoforos Tseriou 100c, Strovolos, 2043, Nicosia !

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